We rescued Ella from MANY YEARS of neglect along with 4 other senior minis and a sweet 30+ year old shetland mare.  Ella had such long feet that one of her front hooves twisted and started pressing into the front of her leg making it very difficult and painful to walk. We've been able to "fix" her feet over time but she will always walk with a limp. 

Although our goal is to find homes for as many of our horses as possible, senior horses can be hard to place, but even harder when they are foundered and/or suffer other health issues that require special care.

These horses usually end up as permanent residents of the rescue and will live out the rest of their days here with us getting the love and care they deserve. This is the case for Ella.


Sponsorships play an important role here.  Whether a one time donation or an ongoing monthly basis, your contributions directly support our mission  Many of our permanent residents have special needs that can require extensive care and rehabilitation. By sponsoring one of our minis you are contributing to the cost of their food, shelter, farrier, dental & veterinary care.


Sponsorships make great gifts for any occassion.

Due to the cost of postage, sponsors will receive a photo and updates via email of the mini they choose to sponsor.