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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I hear minis make great companions! Can I adopt one to keep my full sized horse company?
    Miniature horses aregreat companions! Some horse owners do keep Minis and full sized horses together without issue, but it is not recommended. Even as best friends, accidents happen in play or fear. With that said, our rescue does not adopt minis as companions for full sized horses. Our minis will need their own pasture or paddock for their safety.
  • How many acres are required for a miniature horse?
    Acreage requirements heavily depend on your town or county requirements. Many municipalities consider miniature horse requirements the same as a full sized horse, requiring 5 acres minimum. Check with your town or county for the requirements for your property.
  • Can i adopt one of your mares in foal? I've always wanted to raise a baby!
    Typically our horses come to us malnourished and in need of very special care and veterinary attention. Due to this we do not adopt out any horses until they are healthy and ready to give you their all. Especially with mares in foal, they require even more care since they are “eating for two”, so we keep them under our care through foaling. Any mama and her foal will be available for adoption after their weaning is complete.
  • Do you deliver adopted minis or can you recommend a shipper?
    We can deliver your new family member for a fee, within 100 miles of the rescue (not including Canada). Commercial shippers are not an approved travel method for our miniature horses, so you will need to come to the farm for pick up. Meet the other minis, maybe you’ll take home two!
  • So I don’t live in Michigan, can I still adopt from your rescue?"
    Out of state adoptions are welcome! You will need to come pick up your new family member in person. Prior to pick up we will have spoken on the phone, emailed back and forth and built some rapport, but nothing beats meeting in person to discuss the future journey home and update expectations from you and your mini. Plus you can meet Bubbles! A current coggins is provided with all adoptions, but health papers (which are required by law to travel outside of Michigan) will be at the expense of the adopter.
  • Can my vetrinarian or farrier just call you for references? It takes forever to get paperwork from them sometimes!
    Phone call references are not quite sufficient when placing our minis in new homes. We understand that getting a busy vet or farrier to sit down and write out a recommendation letter can be time consuming. That’s why we have simple reference forms that will be provided for your vet and farrier to complete. Takes just a few moments to fill out!
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