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Rocky (now Rembrandt) officially began his happily ever after on December 13, 2014 with his new mama Lee Anne. 

Congratulations and thank you Lee Anne!

After arriving in mid October with a body score of "1", 204 days later our sweet Ava has been adopted by a wonderful new family. Thank you Susan for giving Ava the happily ever after she deserves.

After nearly 1 year here with us but much longer than that in foster care, as these two came here when Chance's Miniature Horse Rescue closed last fall....these BEST friends have found their "happily ever after"!

Congratulations to Daniela and Mark! 

I could not have hand picked a better home for these girls! They are so lucky to be part of such a wonderful family!


After 370 days here with us our sweet little Mya (daughter of Ava, pictured above) has found her "happily ever after"...complete with her own prince named Peanut!

Congratulations  Amy and Molly and Peanut too!

Reign and Tiara received the very best Christmas gift possible!
They have been adopted TOGETHER!
Congratulations Jody and Dean and thank you for
opening your hearts and home to these sweet girls who have
spent their entire lives together.

After only a few months in our care Tucker has found a family to call his own and we couldn't be happier!!

Congratulations to the Marsh family!!

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