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MR. WIGGLES aka WIGGS Joined our family 8.17.2021, A happy, healthy little guy, but that was not always the case. Like many of the minis who pass through our doors, he carries with him a sad nightmares are made of. Although years later you would never know that his life was full of anything but love and kindness and without his guardian angels he would never have made it out of a horrible neglect situation.

Here is his story....

Mr. Wiggles affectionately known as Wiggs is a dwarf mini horse who was originally rescued in 2014 and brought to North Horse Rescue in Traverse City by the diligent efforts of their guardian angel, a wonderful woman named Deb.
She had driven past his home and saw the distress him and his two full size horse companions were in. She immediately placed a call to Animal Control and two long weeks later they would be rescued. Sadly, this rescue would come to late for one of them. The once beautiful bay mare would succumb to the horrific neglect she endured just 3 days after the initial plea for help was made.
While Wiggs, then an approximately 8 year old stallion and his remaining companion Rusty, a full size gelding hung on to hope that someone would come for them, animal control and Horse North Rescue worked to get them out of there. The day their owners finally signed away ownership, Horse North Rescue was there with a trailer to whisk them away to get them the help they desperately needed to live the happy lives they deserved. Lives that would never include another day of hunger or neglect.
Sadly, Rusty was so weak from starvation, he fell getting into the trailer but thankfully they were able to get him back up. Due to Wiggles small stature at only 28" tall he faired better than his friends. Although emaciated under his long, dirty and shaggy coat, he was happy to follow his friend into the trailer willingly and without hesitation. Despite being able to feel just about every bone in his body and that he suffered significantly crooked legs as a result of his dwarfism along with severely overgrown hooves he was full of personality.
Once they arrived at North Horse Rescue, the staff along with their veterinarian/dentist and farrier quickly went to work providing Rusty and Wiggles with much needed care. In just 3 months time they made a remarkable transformation and were on the way to find their 'happily ever after' with families to call their own.
Once gelded, Wiggles was adopted by a wonderful lady where he remained for the next 6.5 years, until his age combined with his small size and leg issues and the large amount snow fall they get up north, made it difficult for him to get around, therefore adversely impacting the happy life his family wanted for him. His loving momma reached out to us to see if we could offer sanctuary and Horse North Rescue agreed that permanently transferring him to our care would be in his best interest since we have dwarf knowledge and other 'littles' for him to interact with and a large indoor area where they can safely spend time during inclement.

Sadly, just like many other cases of neglect, despite every effort to do so, justice was never served for these sweet souls.
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