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AUGGIE is a dwarf mini horse who came to us in May of 2018 when we received several messages from concerned citizens alerting us to a local ad on Craigslist where the poster was looking to trade him in exchange for a milking goat. I immediately contacted the "seller" and explained that I operated a miniature horse rescue and had experience with dwarf minis and currently had 2 other dwarfs in our care. I told them I wanted to offer him permanent sanctuary here but that I did not have a milking goat to trade, but would be willing to offer cash so that they could use toward purchasing a goat. Unfortunately I did not receive a reply. Sadly, this is not uncommon when I inquire about 'sale ads' that I feel could benefit from our care and experience.
The next day the ad was still up so I reached out to a friend and asked her to inquire about him. Her inquiry was met with an immediate response. A price of $300 was negotiated and our friend set off to pick him up and deliver him here to us.
It was clear upon his arrival he hadn't had much handling as he did everything possible to avoid being caught or interacting with humans. Although I would not describe Auggie as an 'in your pocket' kind of guy, he has come a very long way. For the most part he is easily caught especially if there are cookies involved. He is the ultimate cookie monster.
As well as having dwarfism, Auggie also has a condition called 'kyphosis', which causes the very prominent camel like hump on his back. In Auggie's case this condition is probably related to his dwarfism but kyphosis can affect normal horses as well. To date, we had one other mini who also had kyphosis and he was not a dwarf.


Sponsorships play an important role here.  Whether a one time donation or an ongoing monthly basis, your contributions directly support our mission  Many of our permanent residents have special needs that can require extensive care and rehabilitation. By sponsoring one of our minis you are contributing to the cost of their food, shelter, farrier, dental & veterinary care.


Sponsorships make great gifts for any occassion.

Due to the cost of postage, sponsors will receive a photo and updates via email of the mini they choose to sponsor.  


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