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For several days prior to the 2018 Ohio auction Bam Bam was being sold at, I received countless requests asking me to help him and the other 9 month old dwarf filly he was with.I knew in my heart despite the cost that I needed to help them, but knowing dwarfs tend to sell in the thousands at sales this was something I couldn't do alone. So with very little time to raise a significant amount of money I reached out privately to a few our friends who I knew would want to help get them safely with someone who would give them a permanent home where they would get all the specialized care often required with dwarf minis.

The day of the sale arrived and thanks to the kindness and generosity of some of the most amazing and selfless people I have ever met, we had raised just over $5,000 specifically earmarked to hopefully get both of these little ones safely into our care. Since the auction was out of state and I had a prior commitment the day of the sale, Our dear friend Toni offered to do the 'phone bidding' for us.

By the grace of God we were able to get both the yearling stud colt and the weanling filly who would soon come to be known as Bam Bam & Pebbles for the amount we had raised. Our friend April set out for Ohio to bring them home. Sadly, both Bam Bam and Pebbles were skin and bone under their winter woolies and both weighed in around 40lbs!! Which was significantly underweight, even for a dwarf.

Upon arrival they were both taken to the vet for check ups and much needed hoof trims. All things considered they both seemed to be doing okay. Unfortunately all that changed for Pebbles within a few days of her arrival. She quickly became lethargic and had little interest in eating, so she was taken back to our vet for treatment. She had a few rough days but seemed to stabilize after a few days of 24/7 supportive care but despite the heroic efforts of our amazing vet, Pebbles, at only 9 months old succumbed to the neglect she suffered in her previous home. This happened just 10 days after purchasing her from the sale.

Thankfully Bam Bam continued to thrive, but it took some time for him to adjust to the loss of his little friend. Once he completed his 30 day quarantine period he was quickly introduced to a few of our geldings, sharing a fence line only as to not risk injury due to Bam Bam's very small stature of only 24".

In June, 3 months after his arrival he had more than doubled his arrival weight of 40lbs to 82lbs and was deemed healthy enough to geld. A few months later he was introduced to our dwarf Bubbles and her blind mother. It took a little time but as I had hoped, an amazing bond developed between the 3.  So much so that when we lost our sweet Bubbles to complications from her dwarfism in December 2020, Bam Bam didn't hesitate to step in and fill the huge void Bubbles left for her blind momma.

Bam Bam continues to live his best life here at the rescue with Mama Mia (Bubbles mom) and our 2 other dwarf mini's, Auggie and Mr. Wiggles.  


Sponsorships play an important role here.  Whether a one time donation or an ongoing monthly basis, your contributions directly support our mission  Many of our permanent residents have special needs that can require extensive care and rehabilitation. By sponsoring one of our minis you are contributing to the cost of their food, shelter, farrier, dental & veterinary care.


Sponsorships make great gifts for any occassion.

Due to the cost of postage, sponsors will receive a photo and updates via email of the mini they choose to sponsor.  


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