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MAMA MIA and her then 6 month old dwarf filly, BUBBLES were surrendered to the care of the rescue by their kind and loving owner who wanted the very best for them but was unable to provide the care they needed, mostly due to the lack of knowledgeable vets in her rural area in Wisconsin.
This agreement was made with a promise that Mama and Bubbles would live out their lives here with us.
Mama Mia and Bubbles arrived here in mid-December 2015. Mama Mia who we affectionately just call Mama was completely blind in both eyes but her left eye was oozing and painful. The previous owner's vets had said she had an infection and to apply terramycin ointment to the affected eye several times a day. Sadly, the owner had been doing this for 6+ months with no improvement. Upon her arrival here it was clear that her eye had shrunk in size and that the upper eyelid had rolled inward (severe entropion) and was now continuously rubbing the eyeball. We arranged for Mama to be evaluated by MSU opthalmology and it was determined that the continual rubbing had caused a chronic corneal ulcer and enucleation (removal of the eye) was immediately recommended.
The enucleation (eye removal) was perfomed on 1/27/2015 at Blue Water Equine Hospital, which luckily is 10 minutes from our rescue. The surgery was a success and Mama's demeanor instantly changed. The excruciating pain she had been living with for years was suddenly gone. She went from not wanting you to touch her face, even to put a halter on to having no issues with it at all.
It took a few weeks to settle in and learn her areas and the routine but once she did it was like she had always lived here. Her sweet little filly, Bubbles was a huge comfort to her and made the transition so much easier for her momma.

On 12/4/2020 at 5 1/2 years old, our sweet silly, diva princess Miss Bubbles received her angel wings and took her place in heaven with all the other angels. Like with many other dwarfs, her tragic passing caused by complications of dwarfism was sudden and unexpected as she seemed 100% normal (for her) the day before.
As you can imagine Mama took the loss of her 'forever' baby very hard at first, but in time, with the help of her other little friends, especially Bam Bam who stepped right in doing all the right things to bring comfort to Mama she has come to terms with her loss and continues to live her best life with her boy's; Bam Bam, Auggie & Mr. Wiggles by her side.


Sponsorships play an important role here.  Whether a one time donation or an ongoing monthly basis, your contributions directly support our mission  Many of our permanent residents have special needs that can require extensive care and rehabilitation. By sponsoring one of our minis you are contributing to the cost of their food, shelter, farrier, dental & veterinary care.


Sponsorships make great gifts for any occassion.

Due to the cost of postage, sponsors will receive a photo and updates via email of the mini they choose to sponsor.  


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