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MERIDA is one of the absolute sweetest mares I have ever had the pleasure of meeting when it comes to people, especially children. She is drawn to them. However, she can be quite bossy and mean with other horses until she gets to know them and even then more than likely will exhibit dominant behavior if her space is invaded.

Some of you may remember as this rescue made our local TV news and newspaper. We rescued Merida in November of 2017 from a severe neglect situation along with 4 other minis and a shetland pony. She is approximately 33" and estimated to be 20+.  Merida was covered in burrs and had not had her feet trimmed in many years.  Merida was severely foundered when she came to us and has significant rotation and requires a dry lot with absolutely NO access to grass. Her feet have come a long way since her arrival, she has had zero flares with laminitis and there is no longer any redness or separation she has also regained some sole.
One of her eyes was severely scratched by all the burrs in her forelock and occasionally flares up and requires ointment. She was diagnosed and treated for ulcers but will require preventative treatment daily for the remainder of her life. She is on gut health by peak performance once daily added to her grain. She is very good for the vet and farrier and loves attention of any kind.

Sadly, Snow White the shetland pony was humanely euthanized in December 2017. Despite our best efforts her advanced age of 30+ combined with severe neglect was more than she could over come and she let us know it was time to let her rest. 

Merida continues to live her best life here with her life long buddy, Rory aka Aurora.  Their friend Ella joined Snow White over the Rainbow Bridge in October 2021, when she could no longer live comfortably after suffering from chronic founder issues from the years of neglect she endured. 


Sponsorships play an important role here.  Whether a one time donation or an ongoing monthly basis, your contributions directly support our mission  Many of our permanent residents have special needs that can require extensive care and rehabilitation. By sponsoring one of our minis you are contributing to the cost of their food, shelter, farrier, dental & veterinary care.


Sponsorships make great gifts for any occassion.

Due to the cost of postage, sponsors will receive a photo and updates via email of the mini they choose to sponsor.  



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