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Meet Zeke...





Zeke and Gunnar were surrendered to us after we were alerted by several good samaritans to an urgent cragslist ad advertising two young mini's who desperately needed a new home.

They had supposedly been rescued from a kill pen 2 months prior, one had become ill and according to the ad was going to be euthanized if a new home was not found.

They arrived here on 11-4-2015 wild and very frightened, it was obvious they had very little handling. They were both very emaciated with body scores of 1 and locking stifles. Zeke had a very snotty nose and what looked like what could have been an abcessed tooth and days later developed another abcess under his jaw and was treated for strangles. While in QT strangles was never actually confimed and  Gunnar never showed symptoms.

Zeke is approximately a 2 year old, 36"  gorgeous blue roan appaloosa gelding (gelded 4/14/16). He has come a long way since his arrival last fall. He is sweet and friendly and coming along well with his ground manners.
He can be fiesty at times and will test you to see what he can get away with so I do not recommend him for young kids or beginners. With time and training he will be a great horse. He does still have some trouble with his stifle catching but it no longer locks where he drags his leg like post stifle sugery.  He is still young so this could continue to improve.
12-04-15 -- 30 days
January 20, 2016

Zeke had bilateral medial patellar ligament splitting performed

at MSU Large Animal Hospital for his locking stifles. 

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